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Save The Date! Conscious Conversations Live on Facebook on June 4th. Details coming soon! [More Information](

Summer, Feng Shui, and You: it’s all about Energy

On June 5th, we enter the Month of the Horse – the time of year where the Fire Qi reaches its peak.

Fire relates to many things, but on the simplest of terms, it relates to passion and happiness… of course it’s no coincidence that so many people love summer and have fun!

If we look at the Fire Element a little bit deeper, it relates to the South Sector of your home or business. Did you know that the quality of the environmental features outside your home influences 70% of your Feng Shui?

Take a look outside and see what the environment in the South sector of your home looks like. Is it open space, lush with growth, or dead trees, garbage cans and power lines? Can you see how the energy differs positively or negatively in each of these views?

Yes, there’s much more to understand when it comes to the Qi of your physical environment, especially as it relates to your personal success, happiness, and destiny, but this gives you an idea of what’s involved with Feng Shui in the early Summer.

The Classical teachings of Feng Shui can truly help one to improve their personal life too. But for some people, when it comes to personal well-being, the talk of “energy” and Feng Shui is a bit woo-woo and they have a hard time getting it.

Energy is not that difficult to understand though and there are many ways of looking at it. For example, the science of Feng Shui has many connections to the science of Quantum Healing.

No one really explains Energy better than Cellular Biologist Bruce Lipton – and I recommend his teachings to everyone who wants to improve their life. He is a big supporter of Feng Shui.

In this video, he reveals the connection between Quantum Theory and feelings.

You can read more about the significance of Feng Shui and your physical environment as it relates to your life in my blog posts and my book.

And if you’re keen to go deeper with Feng Shui to improve your life, take a look at my Feng Shui Mastery Program summer classes.

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