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  • 10 Primary Benefits of Feng Shui

    Many of us have most likely made resolutions to improve our lives this year, either professionally or personally.  There a...

    The Simplicity and Complexity of Good Feng Shui

    Real Feng Shui is simple and complex at the same time. I have studied with 8 Chinese Masters and read over 1500 books on t...

    What’s the process of building a new home with good Feng Shui?

    So many new home builders call me “wanting to include Feng Shui” in the design and building process thinking it is to appe...

    I’m inspired, excited, recharged and ready for 2018 – are you?

    Inspired, excited, recharged... that’s how I feel! I’m clear on the next action steps I need to take to achieve my goals f...

    Location, Location, Location – Feng Shui Forms and Formula

    When it comes to being a homeowner and choosing a home that has good Feng Shui, it’s not “what’s inside” that matters to s...

    Tears, Fears, Anxiety and the Meaning of Good Feng Shui

    From time to time, I get clients who call me who are feeling emotionally uncomfortable and even distressed after they star...

    What does good Feng Shui mean?

    I’m curious… what do you think good Feng Shui means? You may think you know what it is, but unless you really ...

    Summer, Feng Shui, and You: it’s all about Energy

    On June 5th, we enter the Month of the Horse - the time of year where the Fire Qi reaches its peak. Fire relates to man...

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