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Vancouver 2016: Top Takeaways from Joey Yap’s Feng Shui & Astrology Event

Joey Yap is in the business of transforming lives and this past weekend here in Vancouver he did not disappoint.

He spent 2 days inspiring, teaching, and motivating not only about what we can do using the tips and insights of Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics but how to take action to be better people and lead better lives.

There were 3 seminars and each day the room was packed with people from all backgrounds ranging from curious Feng Shui beginners to serious Feng Shui students, entrepreneurs, business owners, realtors, designers, and everyday people interested in personal growth.  

Saturday’s workshop was Feng Shui and Astrology for 2016 – the year of the Fire Monkey.  

Here are some of my notes with Joey’s insights and takeaways:

  • “A good life is a result of good decisions which leads to a good year.” But how does one make good decisions? No one can 100% predict the future but we can get insight into the current conditions by studying the BaZi chart of the year.
  • The energy currently is similar to 9-11 where people fear terrorism. This is reflected in the current chart which shows metal and wood clashing. Metal reflects altruism and Wood righteousness, there is a clash globally affecting how people think.  
  • Water is an important element, as it is the pacifier – if you have it in your personal 2016 chart you are a problem solver. Vancouver will do well because of all our water. Properties near water will do well.
  • The element of wood is strong and fields governed by wood will do well (education, agriculture, retail, teaching).
  • If you have Fire in your BaZi chart, the force is with you and you will be influential.
  • Metal will experience conflict, competition and restriction in 2016. Metal relates to the following industries; financial and banks, military, cars, and law. There will be restructuring within these industries globally.
  • The Earth Element is weak in 2016. This globally indicates a weakness in real estate.  However, each country and location have their own Feng Shui and influences which need to be taken into account. The real estate element this year is Dragon. The Dragon in Feng Shui is represented by a mountain, with lush trees and near water. Vancouver real estate will therefore do well. In general, the areas of life that are governed by the Earth Element will be challenging in 2016.

Everyone always loves the predictions Joey Yap makes and this year was no exception. Please note this is a very condensed and fun look at the energy found in charts. To truly understand these type of predictions for yourself and life, you need to look at your whole chart.  

  • We learned that each of the Five Elements in our BaZi charts holds a different potential in 2016. Metal is the element of cash. The Wood element is assets. The Fire element is sales. Water element is profit. Earth element is strategy and planning. By understanding the element balance in your BaZi chart you can decide what actions you need to take during the year to build your business.
  • This year’s wealth stars can be found in the animal signs of the Ox, Pig, Snake, and Rabbit. If you have these in your chart you can expect investment opportunities to come your way.
  • The animal signs that will have more activity in relationships are the Ox, Goat, and Rooster.
  • There are three signs that will experience the influence of increased Status, Power, and Recognition – the Rabbit, Rat, and Monkey.
  • Helpful people stars are found in the Rooster, Snake, and Rabbit. You will have the ability to solve problems.
  • The Dragon and Monkey both have academic stars this year. You are smarter, it is easier to study and learn new things.
  • The Tiger and Snake have influences that support networking and making new connections.
  • The Pig and Rooster will be more forgetful.
  • The Monkey, Rooster, Ox, and Dog will have some petty people issues to deal with.
  • The Ox and Tiger can expect opportunities to spend more money- it would be wise to buy an asset rather than potential unexpected expenses.
  • The Goat, Monkey, and Tiger need to take extra precautions with their health.

In my next blog, I’ll highlight more insights and takeaways from Joey Yap’s 2016 Vancouver workshop: Feng Shui for Business.

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