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Mythbusting T-intersections

The real estate market in Vancouver is always busy in the Spring and with much of the market being purchased by Asians, particularly from Mainland China, the most common request I get from realtors and developers is, “Can you ‘cure’ a t-intersection?”
So let’s talk about t-intersections. Are all t-intersections a problem? No. But are they a percieved problem? Absolutely. As a matter of fact, certain Feng Shui conditions such as Qi rolling in from a huge door mountain create extremely favourable conditions where money is literally rolling in the front door. Who doesn’t want that? What is a huge door mountain? In Feng Shui we qualify the shapes and types of mountains starting with the 5 elements. A huge door mountain is an earth shaped mountain. In Vancouver, Cypress Mountain is a huge door mountain.
The impact of a t-intersection depends on whether the energy in that specific sector is positive, settled, and of good quality. It is possible in Feng Shui to analyze what is the potential problem and effect. Did you know that traditionally, Feng Shui has been a goal specific practice? Using the compass sectors, five element theory, and assessing the slope, speed, and direction of the incoming road, it is possible to analyze exactly what kind of energy is coming towards the house and who in the house that energy will affect.
Here’s an example. I was doing a real estate new listing assessment recently and outside was a t-intersection coming in from the East. The people had lived in the home for many years and had done well. They had good jobs, their two daughters were happy and healthy, and they were all financially secure. I made the comment that who ever lived here likely had hip problems. The husband had actually had two hip replacements. The disturbance of energy from the t-intersection was affecting the East sector which in the body correlates to our hips and buttocks. I was able to determine using Eight Mansions that it was the husband who was affected as his Gua number was a 3, which also correlates to the East.

So yes, t-intersections do have an effect, but then so does the size, shape, layout, and direction of the home as well as the quality of Qi in the area overall. It depends on what stage of life you are in and what kind career or outcome you are looking for.
What can you do? As a general rule, it is preferable to not have your front door, master bedroom, or kitchen looking directly out at a t-intersection. If this is the case, try planting trees or landscaping to “protect” the affected area. The further back you are, meaning if you have a large front yard or open space in front of your home the more likely you are to mitigate the problem. But remember, this is not a fool proof technique. It’s one possible solution, and as I’ve mentioned, cures are also dependant upon other factors.
If you want to know more about t-intersections, I recently held a one hour webinar, which you can watch online, called Mythbusting Feng Shui for Property Investors. You can also contact me directly for a consultation if you live on a t-intersection or are considering a property on a t-intersection.
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