A collection of thoughts and reflections on Life, Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics


GLOBE AND MAIL INTERVIEW Marlyna was contacted by the Globe and Mail’s Wency Leung on how to incorporate Classical Feng Shui to add serenity and create a harmonious home. Some…

BC Living – Classical Feng Shui Tips

Classical Feng Shui Tips Add Zen to Your Living Space Marlyna is interviewed by Catherine Tse for the BC Living online magazine for suggestions on incorporating Classical Feng Shui in…

Buildex 2012 + GLOBAL NOON NEWS

BUILDEX 2012 + GLOBAL NOON NEWS INTERVIEW Marlyna spoke at Vancouver Buildex on “Understanding Feng Shui and the Chinese Market Regarding Real Estate and Building Construction in the Vancouver Market” to…

2012 Year of the Water Dragon

2012 Year of the Water Dragon Hello and Happy New Year! On January 23rd, 2012 the world celebrates the beginning of a new lunar year. In the Chinese calendar, this…

Natural Laws and Feng Shui

Natural Laws and Feng Shui For your spirit to feel balanced and happy it is essential to find a place where you feel truly at home… The spaces in which…

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